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09 January 2006   10:44 PM

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Why?". And presumably the rest of you haven't noticed.

Well, there is, kind of, method to my madness. The original logo for The Pickards website was simply an image of the words 'The Pickards' with each letter in a different, unusual font. This is the sort of logo that generally people who can't do any better will produce. In fact, you can see that I can't do any better, because of the badly drawn cat I've replaced it with.

Firstly, I was writing over the weekend on how Double-A accessibility wasn't really that easy to achieve. One of the points was (checkpoint 3.1) that you should not use images to represent text. Now, I'm sure no-one would argue this means you can't show a logo, but I was finding it hard to defend the idea that you can generate a logo by simply placing letters in a different font. So, the choice was to drop the image and just use text or instead use an image which is more than just text.

So why use a cat, and a badly drawn one at that? I happen to like cats. I have a grey one (check the gallery). I decided it would be more fun to draw one myself that to take an existing image. So there you go. My new logo.

If for any reason you want to look at my old logo you can see it by following the link to my old logo.

I have also taken the opportunity of the increased space in my header bar to move the page titles up there.


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