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02 February 2006   1:16 AM

...as opposed to my Uncle Mick.

Anti Valentine? So what's this about then?

Well it's basically a concept that allows you to choose and generate an anti-Valentine card to send to a loved one, or indeed anyone that you know the email address of. It allows you to cut through the commercialised crap and produce a more truthful take on the annual "My God How Much Does A Rose Cost These Florists Must Be Coining It In Day".

Simply fantastic. I urge you all to send one.

My personal favourite is this one:

I have feelings for you but thought I'd let this card do all the work because I haven't got the imagination or energy to let you know in my own words

And if you're wondering where on earth I came across this, it's perfectly simple. I was having a look on my site stats at the start of the month and found someone had found me searching for 'Pickard'. Reasonably enough. Out of sheer pointlessness, I decided to see where I appeared in the google ranking for Pickard.

At the time, I think I was about 18th. Next to me was another site called Little Red Boat which sounded interesting, so I went and had a look at it. It was. I would recommend you go and have a look at it now. Go on, I'll wait.

Anyway, after reading about why she didn't have a mouse in her house, I sent her a little note saying how entertained I was by the story. She politely replied and pointed out we know someone in common - Pixeldiva. Small world, eh?

So, anyway, there I was looking at the Little Red Boat site tonight and I spot a post titled Yay! VD! which sounded a bit odd, so I had to read it. And that led me to her sister's site, where you can find the Anti-Valentine stuff.

No, it doesn't sound horrendously convoluted to me, either.


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