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31 May 2006   12:35 AM

Here are things that have been amusing me. If you can think of any that are suitable for adding to my lists, please use the comments section to do so.

Basically, I'd like to introduce to to two rather unusual types of saying. Firstly, there's the seemingly similar but actually disparate entities which are contrasted together to provide an unusual counterpoint - or Type A for short. And secondly we have the ... well I don't know how to describe it really, other than to say that I'm looking for the sort of advertising slogans that would have been rejected prior to Typhoo coming up with:

We put the T in BriTain.

And obviously we'll call these Type B. Note that I don't want to see any comments to this one involving Scunthorpe, ok? Those of who had been wondering who put what in Scunthorpe can probably work it out for yourselves by now.

Type A - the not at all connected ones

  1. Time flies like knives - but fruit flies like bananas
  2. Silence is golden - but duct tape is silver

Type B - the put the something into something else ones

  1. We put the fun into fundamentalism
  2. We put the friends into killing frenzy
  3. We shat into shatterproof (with thanks to JCC)
Lyle [14 June, 2006] 

Don't forget "Putting the c*nt into Scunthorpe"

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