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31 May 2006   12:06 AM

I've not really been anywhere to be honest. I've been doing, well, real world stuff, like going to the pub, and looking after the kids, and watching telly, and going to work, and going to sleep, and you know, when it really boils down to it, not wittering on endlessly in my blog.

I've obviously been commenting on other people's blogs, and noting some of the comments on theirs. Yes, Donna and Mike, I will get around to changing my links to point at your new site. Although I particularly like this comment on Donna's site. There must be people out there sniffing around thinking "hmm — bet they won't be checking this so often now"

I've also been mucking about creating a demo website for a local boys team who my nephews play for. I don't know if they'll want it when I'm finished, because the if you want non-PHP server side technology, particularly with a bit of database access on the side, you're going to have to pay for it, and I don't really know that a local boys club is really in that sort of financial league.

...still, it's good practice really isn't it? I mean, it's part of my day job, and it's nice to do it in the evenings, particularly when my day job is more 'project managery' in nature. I've also been considering a bit more as to whether I should look more into the possibility of developing websites in the evenings etc. The theory being that if I'm going to be larking around with it anyway, the possibility of being paid becomes rather more attractive.

Or alternatively, there's my 'other domain' project. Which I've not even got as far as getting any hosting for yet because frankly I don't know if I'll ever get round to it. But again, it's something to keep me busy if I ever run out of things to do. Which I can't see happening, to be honest.

But mostly I've been doing bugger-all. But I've been doing an awful lot of that...


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