Testcase for .NET postbacks

The purpose of this page is to test whether or not the javascript postbacks are successfully supported by assistive technologies. Can you please test this page and then report any comments including which technology, version and platform you are using. Please state whether both of the test cases worked as hoped, or if not, what problems you experienced with them.

Test Case 1 - Partial Update

The purpose of this testcase is to partially update some information on the screen, after the user changes a dropdown value, and to make this known to the user. The point therefore is that while the whole screen is refreshed, the focus should hopefully be passed to the point of update so that users of a screen reader do not have to experience the whole screen again.

Test Case 2 - Full Page Update

This would be used where a single .NET page was changing significantly — for example, a results set was being changed such that you needed to change the title of the page as well as some of the contents of the page. In this case, I will attempt to generate a data table below IF the checkbox is checked, and also change the header and title information for the page.