Lithography Printing Can Be Useful

In the business world time is money, and the same can be said when it comes to effective printing practices. There are two types of printing that most people are familiar with; digital printing and lithographic printing. We live in a digital age, and digital printing is perhaps the most common form of printing used among people who work from home. However, offset lithographic printing is often used within large businesses, and for several good reasons. There is some debate over which type of printing produces the best image results, but it really comes down to what it is you need to print, and how many copies you need.

Lithographic printing is a great choice for people who need to print large volumes of documents or images. The process involves the burning of an image onto a plate, where it is then offset to a rubber blanket or surface. After the transfer of the image to the rubber blanket, it is then transferred to the paper. The whole process works because oil and water do not mix. The areas of the printing medium where ink is not supposed to go are covered in a light film of water, while the image gets ink from ink rollers. This aversion of water to ink allows the image to be printed perfectly.

Offset or lithographic printing produces great images. Many people say that edges of printed images look sharper, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the results is much higher when it comes to lithographic printing versus digital printing. This form of printing also enables you to print to a wide range of different surfaces! For example, you could choose to print to wood, cloth, metal or other surfaces as well. Many people opt for this type of printing when they need to complete jobs that digital printers simply can’t handle.This is great for unique jobs or jobs which require customization to complete.

Another useful component to lithographic printing is that it is cost effective when it comes to jobs of a higher volume. If you have a job which requires hundreds, or even thousands of copies to be made, then lithographic printing is the best way to go. An offset printing press can produce many high quality images at a much faster rate than its digital counterpart. Newspapers and other high volume printing presses use this technology as a means to produce a large number of quality printed copies in a shorter amount of time.

Remember that printing color should also be a factor on your decision to choose lithographic printing over digital printing options. If you only plan to print in blue or black ink, then lithographic printing is a way to save money on high volumes of copies. However, you should use digital printing if you intend to use a multitude of colors within your prints. Lithographic printing is an excellent choice for savvy business people who need to produce a high volume of work.