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This article is still in development: the demolition process is still ongoing and further information about the history of the building will be added if it becomes available.

The former Talk Of The Tyne nightclub, one of Gateshead's more unusual buildings, is in the process of being demolished.

History of the building

Talk of The Tyne Building, 13 January 2006The building was built in the late 1960s to act as a social club for the boilermakers' union, with the unusual shape of the building reflecting an engineering background.

Talk of The Tyne Building, 21 January 2006It was a popular location on the club circuit, but gained a national reputation when local comedian Bobby Pattinson bought it in 1978, and it became a popular venue on the national circuit, with appearances from stars such as Tony Christie and Matt Munro.

Talk of The Tyne Building, 23 January 2006Throughout this time, Bobby Pattinson continued to perform his stand-up routine to sell out crowds, but over time he performed fewer shows as he sunk more of his time into his residential care homes business.

Talk of The Tyne Building, 25 January 2006In 1984, estimating that he had lost around £600 pero week for the venue's last 18 months as a music hall, he converted it to a disco venue. Unfortunately it became associated with trouble, with the police complaining of disorderly behaviour and public disturbances.

Talk of The Tyne Building, 27 January 2006Bobby then sold the building to a Newcastle based investment company called Entertainment One, but this did not prove a success and the building lay unused for over ten years.

Talk of The Tyne Building, 28 January 2006In 2001 the Christian International movement converted the building into a church and conference centre, with the ground floor being used as a coffee shop that was open to the public. The Talk of the Tyne Café, as it was known, was one of the founders of the Gateshead Food Alliance which was set up in 2001 to combat food poverty and encourage healthy eating for the residents of Gateshead and surrounding areas.

The building is currently owned by Gateshead Council to aid their redevelopment of Gateshead town centre.

This article has taken information from the following sources: IC Newcastle, Gateshead Food Alliance and Gateshead Council.