Alan Shearer’s Favourite Bus Route

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 0:15 | Filed in Media, Newcastle United, Oddities

I can’t wait to get today’s Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

Last night, the back page headline told us that Wednesday’s Chronicle would feature:

SHEARER: My all-time X1Evening Chronicle, Tues 13 Nov 2007

Not, you’ll notice, his all-time favourite eleven which would be written as either XI or 11, depending on what sort of numerals you are using, but instead his all time X1. Having said that, they also missed out a comma, suggesting that the teams he played included the famous “Southampton Blackburn Rovers”:

…an illustrious career spanning Southampton Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United and, of course, EnglandEvening Chronicle, Tues 13 Nov 2007

Still, it about sums up how accurate and well-checked I generally perceive the Chronicle’s reporting on Newcastle United to be…

Anyway, if you can’t wait until tomorrow to find out Shearer’s favourite bus route, have a look at the Nexus bus timetables to find out the possibilities. My money is on the Arriva Northumbria route between Newcastle and Blyth…

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