I don’t need any watches, thanks.

Sorry, this is just a quick message to the people who keep sending me emails telling me where I can get cheap fake watches — or in some cases thanking me for sending them. While I admire the double-tap method for getting people to be involved — first, send the email to the wrong person and hope they respond to confirm it is a live email address, and secondly including the link in the text anyway even though it’s been supposedly sent to that company.

I just got my wife a Bvlgari watch and she really loves it. I can’t afford to spend $30 000 on a watch for her, though I would love to; but this did the trick. It looks exactly like the real thing and she’s actually glad I didn’t spend $30 000 on a watch but saved $29 750 instead. This turned out perfect guys, thanks for providing such a great product, with such great prices. This was a great experience ordering from your company.

Just go to [link removed by me]


It’s like someone emailing me and asking me to visit http://www.thepickards.co.uk. It’s my site, I don’t need it pointed out to me.

Hmmph. Bloody spammers.

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