Friday Joke: Edinburgh Zoo

I’ve actually been to Edinburgh Zoo recently: I was there last Friday as it happens. However one of the things I’ve noticed is that not only are the fudges in the giftshop vastly overpriced, but the zoo lies about their policies.

For example, all over the zoo there are signs entreating you to “Adopt an Animal”.

Despite this, you would not believe the fuss they kicked up when I tried to walk out with a Red Panda under my arm.

I mean, do they want us to adopt their animals or not?

All I can say is that it’s a good job the penguin chicks managed to fit into my wife’s handbag…

4 Responses to “Friday Joke: Edinburgh Zoo”

  1. Mike responds:

    Don’t joke, Zoe knows a family whose seven year old son actually returned from a school outing to the Zoo dripping wet and with a LIVE penguin in his rucksack!!

  2. JackP responds:

    Hmm… I’m not convinced. I’ve heard that one about the penguin a few times - I think it might be an urban myth.

  3. Mike Cherim responds:

    You slay me Jack. :D

  4. Matt responds:

    As I have now heard that joke so it has become a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday joke, I have to respond this.

    A product by Landsbanki has entered the uk market - icesave offers a more competitive rate of interest than any of its main competitors …..

    Touche mon ami.

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