Blog Swap: Alternative Christmas Message

Okay, I’ve previously toyed with the idea of asking one of the other bloggers I know to write a “guest post” for my site at some point in time. Obviously there’d need to be certain ground rules: I’d reserve the right to either not publish the message or ask the orginal author to amend it if I felt it was offensive, but beyond that I’d be pretty much happy to let someone talk about whatever they want.

And then I was thinking about Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message where on December the 25th they get someone to deliver an alternate message to the Queen’s Speech. And I thought well, if it’s good enough for them…

So, two questions really:

  1. Would you be prepared to consider writing an alternative Christmas message for someone else’s site to talk about whatever you want as long as it wasn’t offensive? It would need to be approved by the site owner, however.
  2. Would you be prepared to allow your site to host someone else’s message? You would be allowed to reject the message or ask for changes. What I would ask is that the site owners do not themselves edit the messages.

I’d have a post nearer the time saying who’s taking part — assuming that somebody else wants to do it, and we end up with a sufficient number of people taking part to warrant some kind of central point. Of course, it might not be anyone else’s cup of tea. But you’d be welcome to use it to take a look at some sites you’ve maybe not seen before, maybe encounter some new blogs or something. Anyone is welcome, and you don’t have to be religious or even observe Christmas to take part. Whether you’ll be attending midnight mass, you’re an atheist, Zoroastrian or Buddhist, or even if you’re a lapsed Catholic who’s going to spend the time looking after his best friend’s dog (if you’re reading this, you’ll know who you are!), you’ll be welcome to join in.

…if you want to, of course…

4 Responses to “Blog Swap: Alternative Christmas Message”

  1. Mike Cherim responds:

    I’m game.

  2. Dan responds:

    Sounds interesting, count me in.

  3. Steve responds:

    Yes. I’d be up for it.

  4. - Alternative Christmas Message Blog Swap responds:

    [...] team member and good friend Jack Pickard came up with a fun and interesting idea: Namely a Blog Swap Alternative Christmas Message where participants will make guest comments in other people’s blogs related to Christmas. I [...]

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