Blogging Well Runs Dry

I’m fresh out of things to write about. Anyone got any ideas, seen any good memes lately? Anyone said anything controversial that I could rant about?

…it’s not even as though Newcastle played a game this weekend, so I’ve got nowt to fall back on!

Does anyone else have any ideas?

4 Responses to “Blogging Well Runs Dry”

  1. Karl responds:

    There’s always the weather :p

  2. Dan responds:

    Food? The Ashes? Your setup - are you blogging in the bath, the garden or something more mundane? Non-Denominational Winter Solstice Post Harvest Festival-mas? Music? Movies?

  3. mark fairlamb responds:

    what about the state of today’s society and general decline in moral standards and the attitude of today’s youngsters?
    or what’s your favourite colour?

  4. Jaz Wray responds:


    I saw your comments about my dad, Buck, at:

    And, today, I noticed the link to your site. I am glad that you enjoyed the quick comments posted on Buck. His story and his stories are much more interesting.

    If you are looking for more things to write about, I can include you when I send the electronic versions of Buck’s writings to Bruce. You could post and review the writings of a mad man with your personal opinions about where he had it right, where he had it wrong, where he was a genius, and where he was crazy. It would be a fun process and a great read!

    Just think, a mad scientist reviewing and commenting on the writings of a mad man.

    Let me know if you would like me to include you on the emails with Buck’s writings.

    Catch you later. -Jaz Wray

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