The Old Lancaster University Crew

With a joke the other day from someone I knew when I was at Lancaster University — and in fact still do know now, this got me thinking about all of the people I was close friends with at Lancaster University, who through a combination of me being a lazy bugger, me being a dozy bugger, and me not realising that it’s much harder to keep in touch with people if you throw out your old address books, I’ve lost contact with.

So this is just a post I’m firing out into the stratosphere to see if any of these people are so narcissistic that they search for their own names online and find this post where I talk about knowing them at Lancaster University — where I graduated (just) in 1996, having arrived in Urswick block of Furness college in September 1993.

That “September 1993″ bit is impossible to forget, to be honest, because I still have a perspex keyfob on my keyring that I was given the day I arrived at University that reads “Lancaster University Autumn 1993 LUA Alumni”. Surprisingly, despite being made out of plastic-type stuff, it has lasted better than many other things (remind me to tell you about my Viagra keyring one day).

Anyway, so hopefully at some point in the future — maybe not now, maybe not for several months, maybe next year — at least one of these people is going to come across this site — or be directed to it by someone they know — and hopefully get in touch.

The roll of honour doesn’t include everyone I know, because time, tide and quantities of Marston’s Pedigree have knocked out some of the names from my list, so apologies for that if you’re someone I should have remembered (and haven’t already tried to contact elsewhere), but here’s some I can remember:

Will James
“something to do with computers”, as well as being obscenely tall.
Melanie Sibson
I can’t honestly remember. Probably studying history, as I’m fairly certain she revised with Loz “Lozzer” Wood from time to time.
Rachel Peregrine-Morgan
ah, Rachel of the snowball-proof hair. Biological Sciences. Zoider drinker.
Laurence Wood
history and politics. A really good mate, a good bloke, apart from supporting Crystal Palace. I shared a house with this chap for two years.
Steve Young
Environmental Science, and hiding under the bushes at the vet’s surgery when we fell asleep after a night out. The other lad I shared a house with for that two year period, Steve was into martial arts, drinking and rock music. Pretty much the same as me, except he did martial arts.
Michelle Hussey
Biological Sciences. I am still vaguely in touch with Michelle, as we normally communicate about once a year. I wish I could remember her friend Sue’s surname, though.
Sally Walkinshaw
possibly Ecology. Possibly Biological Sciences. Something like that. Wee Scottish Lassie (and she’d probably kill me for that if she didn’t have a good sense of humour).
Rosalyn Harrison
I’m not entirely sure, but I think there was a “Philosophy” in there somewhere. It’s been eleven years since I was last in touch with these people, after all…
Lucy Theaker
something to do with languages I think. Possibly French, or Linguistics. Or was that Kerry?

So, if you are one of these people, or you know one of these people, contact Crimestoppers and you could receive a community action trust reward. No, no, hang on, that’s not right. Contact me, you’ll not receive an award unfortunately, but I would be pleased to get in touch with any of them again. You could see the lovely beaming smile on my face, and that would presumably be reward enough, no?

9 Responses to “The Old Lancaster University Crew”

  1. Lucy Theaker responds:

    Hello! Not that vain, honest, just making sure something had been posted properly :-)

    How’re things? Are you facebooking yet? I’m still in touch with Steve but have totally lost contact with all the others. Have they appeared yet?


  2. Sue Rumney responds:

    Hi Jack,

    It was great to see your pic and that you are still a great person. I was in touch with a few of the people you mentioned but we have drifted and often wonder, like yourself, how they are doing. It was nice to see that Lucy got in touch, I would love to know how she was doing too.

    Incase you have no idea whom I am - I was in Urswick block with you that year, the fat, older, cumbrian with the bad blonde perm

    Last I heard of :-
    Mel she was travelling rep for a medical company
    Rachel was living with some one and had a baby and working for a cider company in the laboratories
    Sally was working as a teacher near to where I lived and we went out a few times and then we drifted
    Ros was still with Guy last I heard and living in London
    (not sure if the info is right about these folk but my senility is kicking in lol)

    So Jack, how is life with you, last I heard you were still living in Lancaster. Please get in touch and let me know how things are with you.

    Lots of love

  3. Thea responds:

    Hi Jack,

    I’m not sure if you will remember me. I’m a different wee Scottish lassie from Lancaster :) I was searching for Sally also and up popped your site. So I thought I would let you know that both Rachel and Melanie are on Facebook.

    Hope you are well.

    Oh, and Happy New Year.


  4. Will responds:

    Lol - i still am tall Jack - added you to my facebook! Hope you’re well! :)

    Its all the weird people at the girl’s Dale St pad that we need to track down! :)

  5. Will responds:

    Sue Rumney - you’re not the mystic meg card reading woman are you! :)

  6. Laurence responds:


    The name you are looking for is Warner….Sue Warner.

    ….She of the amazing hair that covered her entire face.


  7. Will responds:

    Septic Sue? :)

  8. rachel peregrine-morgan responds:

    jack,i NEVER drank cider darling, although i did end up testing it inthe labs for a year or two. the snowball proof hair i do appreciate being reminded of. great snow ball fights much missed down here in the south west. I did just google my own name, isnt it astonishing to find oneself in there???!!!
    hope you are well, Rachel

  9. Lord Zor responds:

    Lol - this made interesting reading after our visit in Lancaster last weekend :) Hope you had a safe journey back Jack.

    I posted photos on facebook if u haven’t already seen them.

    Keep in touch! (not literally that would be hideous)..

    p.s. love the photo of your b&b!


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