Tim Weber, The Terribly Nice Man From The Beeb

Sunday, September 23, 2007 5:15 | Filed in Media, Web

I was reading an BBC article about Northern Rock the other day, when I noticed there was a problem with some of the links. Basically, someone had put in holding text and the links weren’t actually going anywhere.

So I contacted the BBC News team, using the special form they provided to allow you to raise comments about spelling, grammar or accuracy on a web page relating to a news story, explained the problem and sent them a link to the story. I’ve done this once or twice before, when I’ve noticed problems and I’ve noticed the BBC tend to get this sort of thing fixed pretty quickly (and credit to them for doing so).

But this time, they went the extra mile: I got a personal email from Tim Weber, the Business Editor of BBC News Interactive, who not only thanked me for pointing out the mistake but went to the trouble of specifically emailing me the two links that had been missing. I’m sure he didn’t have to go to any great trouble to send a three line email, but it was very much appreciated.

Thank you Tim: it was no trouble, and I was glad to help.

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