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I mentioned before that the COI had produced a consultation document called “Delivering Inclusive Websites” which I, on behalf of the the PSWMG responded to.

I spoke to the document’s author over the phone and I felt that we had a very constructive discussion, highlighting our areas of concern that related to the document and looking together at how the document could be improved.

The summary of the response can be found on the PSWMG site but I think the response from the COI was encouraging and shows that the PSWMG has the potential to be successful – it has the potential to be a loud voice, speaking for many, many public sector employees up and down the country (although at last count I think membership stood at 188).

It also means that precisely because we represent a whole bunch of public sector employees that people will want to hear from us. We’re the guys at the coal-face, so to speak, we have the hands on experience, and if the group develops any sort of a reputation, people will want to come to us.

This is what we can achieve. It’s the job of myself (as chair) and of the other members of the executiye body to ensure that this is what we do achieve, and because other than on consultation documents (as I will also be representing the PSWMG on the review panel for PAS124) I don’t think we’ve made nearly as much progress as we ought to, I’m planning to start kicking (myself and) the other board members into shape over the next few weeks.

Perhaps now would be an opportune time therefore for people to consider whether or not they want to be on the PSWMG board. If you’re currently on, I’m going to expect you to do some work. If you don’t like the sound of that, do let me know because we need an executive board who are committed and are willing to put a little bit of time in in order to make this group a success.

Similarly, if you’re not currently involved but you’ve got the time and the inclination, do let us know.

If we’re going to do it, we’re darn well going to do it properly.

[If you're a member of PSWMG, please comment over there; comments here are only on to allow non-members to stick their oar in]

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