The Haircut From Hell

I had a haircut the other day. I think I can, without so much as a shadow of a doubt say it was the worst haircutting experience of my life, indeed one of the worst experiences of my whole life and I’m only just sufficiently recovered from the trauma to begin to speak about it.

It started off quite normally…

I went to the same place I usually go. I asked for the same haircut I usually get (shaved with the buzzer things round the sides and back to “quite but not too short”, with basically a “trim and tidy” elsewhere). I sat in the same sort of chair that I usually did. I sat, pondering the silence like I frequently do (it’s quite nice to get my hair cut without having to join in some inane chatter).

Then it happened. One minute the bloke was cutting my hear quite normally, and I’m watching as the clumps of hair land on the sheet thing they drape around you to catch the hair, and then aaaaarrrrgggghhh!

I noticed that a couple of the hairs that had appeared on the sheet appeared to be … grey.

I was dumbfounded; shocked; stricken by horror and have been suffering from severe trauma ever since until just now when I have arrived at the conclusion that it must just have been the way the light was shining on them.

…and any opinions to the contrary will be fiercely resisted!

9 Responses to “The Haircut From Hell”

  1. Anthony responds:

    I’ve got some recurring grey hairs in my beard area… but that’s because it was an area I damaged and hair has only recently started re-growing - not in anyway down to age, abviously!

    They ones on my head are obviously similar to the light abberations that you encountered in the barbers.

    If I’m bing honest I’ve got no worries about going grey. It never did Clooney any harm, and Damon Hill looks quite good with his flowing grey locks.

    Hair loss on the other hand, now that scares the bejesus out of me…

  2. mark fairlamb responds:

    i conceded to the grey long ago.
    are you sure yours weren’t just silvery-blond?

  3. Steve responds:

    Grey is fine by me. I’m grateful to have hair at my age.

  4. Mike Cherim responds:

    Count yourself lucky, Jack. I have a few gray hairs, but most have actually abandoned ship so to speak. My haircuts consist of my using my beard trimmer on my whole head (very affordable).

  5. deborahf responds:

    Since you’ve only had males respond so far, may I offer a female perspective on this issue.

    Personally I think grey hair on a bloke can be attractive and I’m not alone in that. There was a recent MSN/ survey where 72% of women said grey haired men were “hot”. I’m not sure that’s a word I would use - more ‘distinguished’.

    So don’t worry about future ‘light aberrations’.

  6. JackP responds:

    Hmm… I’ve heard “distinguished” before, but I think “hot” sounds better :-)

  7. Neil Anderson responds:

    I remember this point in my life too, I laughed it off. But a couple of years ago my barber offered to ‘do my eyebrows’, that was when I had exactly your moment.
    There are so many tipping points during the aging process: here’s one that happened to me yesterday, I called someone son for the first time.
    I am old.

  8. Andy Mabbett responds:

    If you think grey hairs are bad, just wait ’til your knees start to go…

  9. Collegue Man responds:

    grey - you lucky barrrrrstead

    what I wouldn’t give to have a grey hair cut from my head*

    * it sounded more monty python in my head

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