School Daze

So, this afternoon I have just dropped my elder son off at school for his very first day (technically just an afternoon) at school.

BTP, ready for his first day of school (flickr)

It feels somehow wrong. I’m quite happy to take him to school, I’m quite happy to stand there in the playground with him, but it seems wrong just to leave him there and come home again, particularly when he doesn’t (yet) know anyone else in his class, because the day nursery he has been going to isn’t anywhere near our house.

It was odd to see him stood there in the school yard, laden down with his school bag (with Dr Who on it, obviously), his bag containing his P.E. kit (with Dr Who on it, natch), and a bag with wellies (surprisingly, without Dr Who), standing in a line in the school yard with the other kids, waiting to go in.

The GLW calls across to him to “have fun” and he replies “I will”, but we can’t help but be a little nervous, as he’s obviously feeling a little nervous, and a little shy as he’s not really talked to anyone yet.

Also, I’m feeling a little self-conscious because the GLW picked up our two year old upside down the other day, tickled him and then got the heel of his foot right in her eye, giving her quite a spectacular shiner. Beyond the obvious sympathy, I wouldn’t have concerned myself too much about this, except she now keeps telling everyone that it wasn’t me.

Now, I know it wasn’t me, and I was quite fine with that. Only the fact she keeps telling everyone it wasn’t is starting to sound like she’s trying to cover something up, and I’m getting a little paranoid… particularly when I’m standing with a group of parents, none of whom know me and the GLW has got a massive black eye.

Obviously, anyone who actually knows me would know that I wouldn’t do anything like that. Nope; rubber batons to the soles of the feet every time. Doesn’t leave a mark, and you can almost always get them to talk…. anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, so we’ve dropped BTP off at school and we come home. The GLW is a little emotional, because her little baby is growing up, and she’s kind of happy, and sad, and basically just very emotional all at once. So I have the bright idea of making her a nice cup of coffee™ in order to make it all better.

coffee and gravy. Can you spot which is which? (flickr)

Only I’m not really paying that much attention when I’m making the coffee. Water in kettle; switch it on. Pick up magazine, start to flick through it. With other hand, pick mugs off mug tree, place on side. Get milk out of fridge, pour some into each cup. Turn pages of magazine. Put milk back in fridge. Pick up jar of coffee and unscrew lid. Find teaspoon by touch whilst reading magazine article. Spoon teaspoonful of coffee into mug.

It’s at this point that I notice that the coffee has a funny, somewhat meaty smell.

Look more closely at the jar. Place jar of gravy back down where it came from, right next to the jar of coffee. Clean out mug. Begin process again, only this time using coffee…

…fortunately, I didn’t actually try to serve up a cup of ‘gravee’ to my wife, as I don’t think she would have been particularly appreciative.

5 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. Rich Pedley responds:


    Kai was primed when he first went to school. You see our computers/office used to be in the bedroom. Yep I’d primed him with a ‘my mum works in the bedroom’…

    He’s now in year 4 and we’re encouraging him to walk home from school on his own. Independence and all that.

  2. Rich Pedley responds:

    Oh I forgot to mention - I can’t make coffee. Especially instant. If anyone comes around and ask for coffee they get told to make it themselves. I really am that bad.

  3. Jack's Mam responds:

    Not that I am biased or anything……… but isn’t he gorgeous!

  4. Jack's Mam responds:

    I should clarify that- I meant my grandson, not his Dad ! :-)

  5. mark fairlamb responds:

    matthew started full time yesterday, his mam went to have lunch with him.
    he’s doing a year of full time nursery then starts reception next year.
    he was absolutely knackered when he got home, was in bed for 7pm - brilliant!

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