Nil Nil

Two nil-nil draws in a row? Away? Granted, we’ve managed to score absolutely no goals in the process ourselves (partly because Michael Owen’s “international pedigree” doesn’t score goals by itself and he just isn’t good enough to cut it anymore) but it has been a long time since I remember Newcastle having two clean sheets in a row away from home.

Is the much maligned defence starting to be unmaligned (aligned?) under Kinnear? Is this the dawning of a new … wait for it … Kinneara?

Ah, I doubt it. We’ll be back to shipping goals for fun soon.

One Response to “Nil Nil”

  1. mark fairlamb responds:

    it’ll be someone like kinnear that actually does something with newcastle. reputations don’t win trophies, someone with nothing to lose who can make a team out of hard-working players wins trophies.
    definitely not this season and probably not kinnear, but watch this space…..,

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