Christmas Spirit

I have been awarded the legendary Blog Nog award for having an intoxicating blog that Chartroose has enjoyed reading, laughing at, and discussing in the previous year.

What can I say?

Blog Nog award: your blog is intoxicating!

Obviously it’s a great honour to receive such an award, but it’s important to remember that this award is not just for me, but for the team of people behind the scenes which make such a production possible. You have my hosting company, you’ve got the people at Wordpress, you’ve got the people who do all the admin bits on the site (er… well, actually that’s me), and most of all this award is for you, the general public.

Without you doing stupid and newsworthy things, I wouldn’t be able to get on my high horse and rant about all kinds of nonsense.

I also believe that I am one of the first British, white, semi-middle class men in my thirties to receive such an award (although I suspect Stephen may similarly qualify) so it is also a great honour to be representing my er… ethnic majority … in this way. This is obviously a time of heightened emotion, so you’ll have to excuse me if I have a few sniffles.

Finally, I’d just like to thank the Academy Aw– sorry, the Bloody Hell It’s a Book Barage Judging Panel and say that I hope to uphold the fine tradition of this award and continue to produce stuff that at least some of you will hopefully find interesting through into 2009.

I’m not sure whether or not I am supposed to re-award this Blog Nog award to other people who have had blogs I have found intoxicating over the past year, but if I can — and I’m assuming that in the spirit of Christmas there isn’t a problem with this, so I’d like to nominate someone else for the award too.

Rather than pick a list of bloggers — as there are a list of blogs I read frequently, and generally if I’m reading ‘em frequently then I must like ‘em at least, I want to narrow this down to just one person. That person must be witty, must share their opinions in an erudite way, and must be respectful of others, and they must be able to breathe underwater.

A number of blogs qualified for the first few points, but that last one was the clincher, and I therefore nominate The Goldfish for the Blog Nog award for having an intoxicating blog.

3 Responses to “Christmas Spirit”

  1. chartroose responds:

    You’re right–Stephen is the only other British man to receive this prestigious award. I know it’s a great honor, so I’m not surprised that you’re feeling all teary and sniffly (although that could just be a British nose-in-the-air thing).

    I’ve been trying to add a few Scotsmen to my entourage, but you know how they are. I wonder if James McAvoy has a blog?

  2. Steve responds:

    And the only middle class man in his thirties (just).

    Nah, I don’t think James McAvoy deserves anything after the awful “Wanted”. What about Ewan McGregor? Probably too busy on his endless boring trip with Charlie Boringman.

  3. The Goldfish responds:

    Congratulations Jack and thank you very much. I have had a crappy week and to receive such an award cheered me up no end. :-)

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