So I Don’t End Up Being A Waffle Waitress

If you don’t understand the line above, you’ve missed one of the planet’s finest comedians (although frequently not so much near the knuckle as well past it). Difficult to believe we’ve been missing him almost 14 years now.

Anyway, I thought I’d start 2008… er, I mean 2009… with a look at my TBR pile. Obviously this varies, as I buy new books or my mood changes, books shuffle up and down it, but given my usual rate — and one that has been pretty much maintained for the last five years — of at least three books per week, I could be through this list before the end of february.

As my TBR pile was down to zero as at about the 29th of December, and that was when I started buying some more books, that seems like a reasonable starting point. I have therefore read some of the following — which I’ll mention as and when I get to ‘em.



Science Fiction/Fantasy


General Fiction


That’s a grand total of 25 books on my “to be read pile”. That might sound like a lot, but when you consider that I’ve read 9 of ‘em, that only leaves 16, and as I’ve been averaging a book every other day, so assuming I continue at that rate, I ought to have finished reading all of the above by around this time next month.

And then I’ll need to go and buy some more unless I encounter the magic book pixie.

2 Responses to “So I Don’t End Up Being A Waffle Waitress”

  1. chartroose responds:

    Ahh, Bill Hicks–there’s a blast from the past. I think you’ll enjoy “Hyperion.” I need to reread that one.

  2. coldclimate responds:

    Ahh, you need in your life. yes you do. See:

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