Unweaving The Rainbow

Apologies for this one, as it does not contain any random ranting, bad jokes or any of that.

Nope, instead it’s just a mention of The Rainbow Baby.

On 15 December 1960, at approximately 6pm, a newly born baby was discovered lying in the hall on the second floor of a block of flats in Golders Green, London, UK.

He had been abandoned.

He was unharmed and dressed in a nappy and a vest and wrapped in two multi-coloured blankets, one with a picture of a teddy bear embroidered on it.

David is now a 48-year-old man with three teenage sons of his own. He would still dearly love to know who his parents are.

Can you help?

If you can provide any information that may lead David to find out more about his parents he would love to hear from you

The Rainbow Baby.blogspot.com

If you think you can help, please get in touch with David at [email protected].

…this was a public service announcement on behalf of the Rainbow Baby. Normal (i.e. cynical, rude, abusive and piss-taking) service will be resumed tomorrow.

One Response to “Unweaving The Rainbow”

  1. Julie Howell responds:

    Thank you very much for this, Jack.
    As it happens, the web has played a major role in helping David find out the truth about his abandonment as we’ve been able to use it to trace, locate and finally meet the WPC (woman police constable) who rescued David those 48 years ago.

    Love Julie & David, the ‘Rainbow Baby’

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