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I found Steve over at Very True Things had taken a personality test to see what sort of person he was.

So natch, I had to give it a go. I failed, I only got 37%, so apparently I’ve not got a personality. Naah, just joshing chief, apparently I’m an ENTP, a visionary, although it doesn’t actually tell me what ENTP is supposed to stand for. Fortunately Wikipedia does.

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression. You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything. Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.Blogthings: Your Personality Type

Well, yeah. I’m charming, friendly, and all that. I’m basically lovely and everyone should adore and worship me.

Although I have to take issue with some of the things it said after that –

In love, you see everything as a grand adventure.Blogthings: Your Personality Type

In love? Not just in love, life is a grand adventure, bucko. We get to play and have fun until that big “Game Over: Insert Credit” sign appears…

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Detached, wishy-washy, and superficialBlogthings: Your Personality Type

Now I don’t think anyone — at least to my knowledge — has described me as any of those. But that’s what you get for assuming that everyone falls directly into one or the other category without there being shades of grey — for all I know I might have been only just more ‘thinking’ than ‘feeling’, yet obviously once it’s categorised me, it has to associate me with everything in that category, and nothing in the other one.

Superficial I can maybe understand. I have been accused of being flippant, because my way of supporting my friends through times of emotional stress tends to involve taking the piss and trying to make them laugh. People who don’t know me might perceive this as me not understanding the seriousness of the situation; those who do would simply realise that if someone is feeling depressed, what I think they need is to start smiling you miserable bugger, rather than continuing to mope about.

So while obviously I don’t agree with all of these tests pigeon-holing, they can be a bit of a larf, so you might want to pop over to Blogthings and find out What’s Your Personality Type?.

3 Responses to “Test Your Personality”

  1. chartroose responds:

    Hey, a little flippancy never hurt anyone! Are you sure you’re not just a tad wishy-washy? After all, you did just mention shades of gray…

  2. JackP responds:

    Probably depends on exactly how flippant you are. What I see as ‘gallows humour’ some others seem to see as ’sick jokes’. But there you have it. You can’t please everyone, especially not the ones you’ve just offended…

  3. Shannon responds:

    Here’s what mine ended up being: “ISFJ: The Nurturer

    You have a strong need to belong, and you are very loyal.
    A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.
    In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
    You find it easy to be devoted to one person… a partner who you do special things for.

    In love, you express your emotions through actions.
    Taking care of someone is how you love them. And you do it well!

    At work, you do well in a structured environment. You complete tasks well and on time.
    You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

    How you see yourself: Competent, dependable, and detail oriented

    When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut.”

    Interesting… although I don’t think I’d make a great chef considering I can barely make macaroni and cheese.

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