BBC Newcastle: What is the point?

Thursday, May 14, 2009 12:36 | Filed in Local Interest, Media, Newcastle United, twitter

I subscribe to BBC Newcastle’s twitterstream — @bbcnewcastle — in order to be informed about news and events which are local to me and therefore have some interest or relevance.

So when I came across this tweet:

BBC Sport NUFC News Newcastle v Fulham: Team news ahead of Saturday’s Premier League match.


…I rather interpreted this as BBC Newcastle had some team news about Saturday’s Premier League match between Newcastle and Fulham. Not an entirely unreasonable expectation, you might think.

Unfortunately, when I followed the link in question, I was presented with this:

Newcastle v Fulham

Venue: St James’ Park Date: Saturday, 16 May Kick-off: 1500 BST
Coverage: Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live, score updates on Final Score; live text commentary on BBC Sport website; Highlights on Match of the Day

Team news to follow later.

BBC Sport: Newcastle vs Fulham

If there is anyone from the BBC watching this, could you please explain the sheer fuckwittery going on here? Why on earth would you send out a tweet saying you have team news when it is mind-bogglingly apparent that you have no such thing?

And if it is an automated tweet, then obviously you need to change your settings, as telling people you have team news when you plainly haven’t makes you look like morons or liars. And then you’re on the slippier slope which leads to MPs

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1 Comment to BBC Newcastle: What is the point?

  1. Cole says:

    May 14th, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    It’s the same with their RSS feeds which am guessing is triggering the twitter posts. Guessing that these go live when the page is created rather than when meaningful populated.

    Ruddy annoying though!

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