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Searching through my spam filter for anything of interest (in other words, spam which is slightly more original than the usual list of links) hasn’t generally been very rewarding of late, but recently there have been a few worthy of note.

Our site support this blogSpammer

Well, that’s nice to know. If you really support it that much, why not send me a few quid? Or if you want me to promote your fabulous magical weight reducing product, why not… er… give up? If it was genuinely that good, I would imagine it would be being featured in various magazines already. Personally, I find it stretches the boundaries of credibility to suggest that a magnetic ring would have the power of weight loss.

And of course for those with a more puerile outlook, you could also ponder the question of whether or not you wanted your ring to be magnetic… it might cause problems if you have a lot of iron in your diet!

Particular attention has registered a free visit!
Who will miss the chance to remain for life in the lonely, only, and only then, you will find for himself the favorite of women!Another Spammer

Ah, online dating sites. Still, at least it’s a variation from the more personal email techniques as performed by Kathy Jaunter et al. Unfortunately, and while it may surprise many people to read this, despite working in IT, I am actually capable of finding members of the opposite sex who want to spend time with me. I’m just an all round love machine.

So unfortunately I don’t fancy a free visit to your online dating (and quite possible malware) portal…

buy biaxin. buy biaxin. buy biaxin. buy biaxinYet Another Spammer

Er… no. Firstly, because I’ve never heard of it… [quick trip to wikipedia] … and secondly because now I know it’s a particular antibiotic, I wouldn’t trust an online source for this sort of thing, even if I did need any.

I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well.Spammer #4

Well, that’s obviously true also. Only it would maybe have meant a little more to me if the comment had been placed on one of my articles about social media, the public sector, accessibility or web development, as opposed to one entitled Saturday Joke.

Difficulty getting and keeping an erection that lasts long enough to have successful sex is known as ED.Spammer #5

Er… yes. I believe it is, with ED standing for erectile dysfunction. Why exactly you want to share that with me, I’m not entirely sure. Not that I want people sharing their erections (or dysfunctions thereof) with me in the first place. Although it does remind me of a joke…

I find whenever I check my email inbox, I’ve got about thirty emails telling me where to buy viagra online, twenty six telling me how to get a longer penis, and another fifteen telling me where to order a book that will teach me how to satisfy women. I do wish my wife would stop sending me them…Penile enlargement spam joke

Only I’m not entirely sure how a comment from my big mate Lara Croft Ange ended up in the spam filter…

[blah blah spammy blah]Angelina Jolie Nude

Look, Angelina, I know you like to visit my site, but really, there’s no need to tell everyone your relative state of dress. Simply send me the photograph evidence under plain cover, and I’ll confirm it. And it’s okay, you’re on my list, so not to worry. And if you’ve not yet put me on your list, don’t worry, I’ll not tell Brad [*koff* Majors *koff*].

Unless… does anyone think maybe that it wasn’t really Angelina?

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  1. Mike says:

    July 2nd, 2009 at 1:07 am

    I reckon a magnetic ring would work if you had a cast iron toilet…

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