Happy Birthday, Seanie

Sean at 10 minutes old

Well, my little boy Sean William Pickard is exactly one year old today, and so I’ve decided to offer up a few photographs of him to date.

This first photograph is Sean only 10 minutes after he was born, just peeping over the top of the hospital blankets he was wrapped in. My theory is that he opened his eyes to find out what was going on — and he’s going to close them again just as soon as he’s worked it out.

Sean at 26 days with big brother Bryn for his first Halloween outfit

In the second photograph, we have a somewhat more sleepy looking Sean dressed up in a little devil outfit for Halloween. As you can see, his big brother Bryn has really gone to town with his costume, extending as it did to a top with a bat-thing on it. Whereas Sean is blissfully unaware that he’s dressed up as a devil, deciding that he doesn’t like the whole Trick-or-Treat idea (you don’t tend to get milk), and that he might as well just sleep through it.

Sean at 4 months old, playing with Bryn's Nemo pyjamas

The third image really sees the start of Sean’s fascination with anything and everything that relates to his big brother. In this case, he’s grabbed hold of his brother’s Nemo pyjamas and is busy doing his best to wave them around and around to try and attract his brother’s attention. He’s probably also wondering what Daddy is doing with that camera…

Sean at 8 months asleep in his car seat

…and in the final picture you can see Sean in one of his rare “asleep” moments, trying desperately to insist that he can still look cute despite now having teeth and being able to, and enthusiastic about, biting people. Fortunately, he appears to have lost interest in that for the time being although he’s continuing to grow more teeth, get noiser and do rather dangerous things like climb out of his cot, and land with a thump on the bedroom floor. The worst bit was we’d just assumed that — as per usual — he was just having a tantrum and throwing things off the side of his changing unit (which he could reach when stood up in his cot).

The first we knew about this actually being out of his cot was when Bryn shouted from his room that Seanie had come in to his room. Thinking he meant that he wanted Sean in his room, we climbed up the stairs to investigate to discover Sean at the top of the stairs and pointing downwards.

That gave us a shock, I can tell you. The base of the cot was quickly lowered, they are now both in the same room and there’s a nice stiff stair gate on it that neither of them can undo. I wouldn’t say “I’d like to see them get out of that” because they probably will at some point! I’ve suggested getting some netting, chicken wire, or maybe a short electric fence for the top of the cot just to make sure but my wife doesn’t seem to think that appropriate for some reason.

Anyway, there you have it. That was Sean’s first year.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Seanie”

  1. Mike responds:

    Happy birthday Sean!

  2. mark fairlamb responds:

    nice one big daddyo, happy birthday sean.
    we went to see midwife wednesday and she gave joanne a membrane sweep, things started happening and we were ready to go to the hospital wednesday evening when they then started to slow down.
    spent all day thursday on tenterhooks and come thursday teatime it all came to a grinding halt.
    she’s sitting at home right now fed up (now 5 days late and less sign of it coming than there has been for the last 4 weeks). never mind, have a nice weekend in scotchland

  3. JackP responds:

    Quick note for any readers: Mark’s little girl was born in the early hours of the following morning.

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