The Pharmacy Joke

One fine day in a busy pharmacy, the pharmacist decides to go out for her lunch.

When she comes back from her lunch, she spots a customer sitting on one of the chairs in the shop, white-faced, shivering and sweating slightly.

She goes back into the dispensary to find one of the assistants to find out what is going on.

“What’s up with that man out there? He doesn’t look very happy — has anyone seen to him yet?”

“Oh yes”, pipes up one of the assistants. “He came in about thirty minutes ago with a very bad cough and wanted some strong cough medicine, but we couldn’t sell him any, as it was pharmacist sale only and you weren’t in the shop.”

“Right, well, he doesn’t seem to be coughing now… but he doesn’t exactly seem any better, I’d better go and see him.”

“No, it’s all right, I sold him five boxes of laxatives instead.”

Five bottles of laxatives. How on Earth did you think that would help him?”

“Just look at him”, said the assistant, grinning. “He’s too frightened to cough now…”

2 Responses to “The Pharmacy Joke”

  1. Mum responds:

    This one was for me I take it ?

  2. Mike Cherim responds:

    Poor guy. :D

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