The Transfer Window

Well, the transfer window is due to close at midnight tonight. So far, it looks as though we’ll have signed the grand total of possibly one American central defender on loan from Standard Liege, called Ogu… Oguchi… Goochy.

I must admit to being a little concerned at signing someone in defence who has the nickname “Goochy”. It makes me wonder whether “Gatting” and “Gower” will also be joining the team — when obviously we should be looking more for a strike force pairing of someone like Shane Warne and Curtly Ambrose.

Okay, admittedly they are both cricketers, but so’s Goochy, isn’t he?

Oh, and my rumour of the week is that Newcastle are set to sign Darren Bent. It must be true because — get this — someone at work said someone else they know at work’s brother went to a restaurant and saw Freddie Shepherd, Glenn Roeder, Darren Bent and a fourth party (believed to be his agent) having a meal. Well, when the news comes direct like that, it must be true, mustn’t it?

The only slight credibility problem with the story is that no part of it came from “a man in the pub”, who as everyone knows is always correct on all matters football-related.

Well, let’s just say I’m not expecting any signings that actually cost money to arrive in the transfer window. I’d like to see some quality players arrive, certainly, but I’m far from convinced that Glenn Roeder is being given the backing in the transfer market that he deserves.

2 Responses to “The Transfer Window”

  1. JackP responds:

    …still, at least we beat Villa which I didn’t really expect and are now back in the top half and mathematically closer to a Champions League spot than the relegation zone.

    To be frank I think “not going down” is about all we can expect from the season given the complete lack of investment in the playing squad, and the crippling injury list.

    But Roeder worked miracles to scrape us to a 7th place finish last season. Is it possible the wonder-worker pull it off once more? (I doubt it, but I’ll be bloody impressed if he does)

  2. scott responds:

    As you are the man in the pub this means that the Darren Bent storey is obviously true!

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