This Is Not Really A Joke

… it’s a true story. But it is funny.

A work colleague of mine (names removed to protect the guilty, but knowing him he’ll probably comment on here and admit who he is anyway) told me a story yesterday that’s really made my year. When I asked if he minded if I mentioned it, he was even happy for me to use his name, but since he was good enough to give permission, I’ll be good enough not to mention who he is.

Let’s imagine the situation:

It’s half past one in the morning, and a woman you’ve not seen for a long time decides to phone you and you have a chat. As you’re feeling a little tired, to get her off the phone more quickly, you tell her that you’ll send her a photo of yourself. No, to be honest, it doesn’t sound that plausible to me either, but this is the official line.

So, you’re obviously tired and getting ready for bed, so you’re not wearing very many clothes. What sort of a photo do you take? One of your grinning mug? Apparently not. You take a photo of yourself showing yourself naked from the waist up. This is presumably a commonplace occurrence, as my colleague didn’t seem to believe that this warrants any further explanation.

Note that while you may be wearing clothing from the waist down, there is no evidence of this on the photograph itself.

Are you still with me so far? Right. Now you’ve taken what appears to be a nude photograph of yourself. The next thing to do is to send it to this “friend” of yours.

So you start typing her name in your phone book. Unfortunately, you mis-type her name, and coincidentally enough, your boss is the name next to hers alphabetically, which your telephone alights upon. So, as you’re a little tired and bleary-eyed you press send by mistake.

Obviously, at this point you realise you’re sending what appears to be a nude photo of yourself to your boss in the middle of the night. Directly to his work PDA.


By nowt you’re frantically trying to switch your phone off as quickly as possible, but you don’t manage this before you see the “message sent” icon appear.


I could add some further comment here — maybe something about a transparent attempt to sleep your way to success, or wondering how exactly the married boss would be feeling when he found one of his employees was sending them nude pictures of themselves — or what his wife might think — but I can’t come up with anything that actually does justice to the story itself. Just read it again. And enjoy.

The really, really frightenening thing is that when that particular colleague told me, it wasn’t really even much of a surprise…

3 Responses to “This Is Not Really A Joke”

  1. graham responds:

    suppose this will end us as another Pickard scoop in PSF….deserves to be.

    ps the colleague and the boss….same gender…different gender?

    pps can we start a sweep as to who the colleague was….

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