Have You Ever…?

Thanks to Chartroose for the meme, found over on Bloody Hell, It’s A Book Barrage. Standard pointless memyness. Do join in…

Have you ever…

Gone on a blind date?
Skipped school?
Nope. Not really. I may have over exaggerated how ill I was feeling once or twice, but I never skipped school when I wasn’t at least a bit unwell. Although my university attendance wasn’t so great…
Been on the opposite side of your country?
Yep. Mind you, that’s easier for me. Up near me, England is only around 100 miles across, I live in the North-East, I’ve lived in the South-East, and I work some of the time in the North-West.
Swam in the ocean?
Yes. Frequently, as a child, before the childish fun of swimming in the sea got balanced with the slightly more grown up “bloody hell, the North Sea is cold”. I have also been swimming in the Meditteranean on holiday, which is considerably warmer
Had your booze taken away by the cops?
Nope. Although when I was a student I decided to have a lie down under a hedge because it was raining, I was “tired” (drunk) and it was about two miles back to the university campus, and the police woke me up by shining a big torch in my face and gave me the option of going home by myself, or going down the station. So I went home.
Lettered in a high school sport?
What does ‘lettered’ mean in this context? I’ve not competed for the school, if that’s what you mean.
Cried yourself to sleep?
Don’t think so. At least not recently.
Played a musical instrument?
Not really. I wanted to play the violin at Lathom Junior school, but there were 8 people, 8 violins and only 6 bows. After attending for three weeks with me and one other kid never getting a turn, I took the hint that I wasn’t wanted and ended my music career then.
Sung karaoke?
Oh yes. Particularly when drink is involved. Two of the most notable were a duet to Firestarter at a friend’s 30th, and on my birthday ending up in a gay bar called something like ‘The Yard’ (?) singing — again as a duet — Dedicated Follower of Fashion. Like Chartroose, I also cannot sing (I would describe myself as tone mute rather than tone deaf, as I can hear clearly what it is supposed to sound like). Unlike Chartroose, I’ve never let that stop me…
Cheated on an exam?
Just to the extent that my biology teacher would call “Exam Technique” in practicals. In other words, if you look around and everyone is doing something completely different to you, double check whether or not you’re doing it right…
Played spin-the-bottle?
Yeah, in a kind of a truth or dare drinking thing at university. Wasn’t anything exciting though.
Laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose?
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about?
Been arrested?
Nope. The “I’ll just have a bit lie down under this hedge” thing was the closest. I do apologise for being dull and well-behaved…
Gone Ice Skating?
I think yes, as a kid. Although I could be wrong, as it’s only a vague memory.
Been skinny dipping?
Nope. The North Sea is not known for being warm. It’s the sort of temperature which, as a man, would make my genitals try to climb back inside my body. Besides which, I’ve never fancied the idea anyway
Been on television?
Yeah. I was on some late-night local discussion program as a teenager.
Thrown up in front of a date?
Nope. Well, I have in front of a girlfriend, but not after only a couple of dates. I like to get to know somebody better before I vomit near them.

One Response to “Have You Ever…?”

  1. chartroose responds:

    Jaysus! You actually sang “Firestarter” in front of an audience? Man, have you got guts! Maybe I’ll try “Smack My Bitch Up” at the local hangout one of these days.

    I love your hedgerow story too. You’re going on my blogroll!

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