Just for anyone at work who checks my blog over the weekend, I’ll let you know now that we didn’t win the £66 million EuroMillions jackpot tonight. In fact, we won bugger-all, which is about as well as we normally do…

9 Responses to “Euromillions”

  1. Matt responds:


  2. mark fairlamb responds:

    we didn’t put it on.
    so we are £1.50 better off than most of the mugs who think odds of millions and millions to one are worth a flutter.
    our odds of winning are therefore 0 (only very slightly worse though)

  3. Julie Howell responds:

    I won £2,200 on the Lotto about ten years ago, not too long after it was launched. This proved fatal, as I naturally assumed it must be pretty easy to win (I’d only played a few time before my 5 numbers came up). Needless to say I’ve lost that amount in the years since then. You know what they say about a fool and their money…

  4. Mr Shakespeare responds:

    Perhaps I shall utter but one interjection into this conversation.

    For those “Mugs” as it were, the euromillions is a statistic to fight until victory.

    Nevertheless, I hate it when I don’t win too.

    The odds for reference, are: 1 in 77 million - or there about.

    It is even rare for a person to win the jackpot in the uk. - there have only been a few.

  5. Mel D responds:

    I typed in ‘I hate Euromillions’ into my search engine. I found this blog.

    I like it. It is honest, so I am putting it in my faves and will check back every few days.

    You may see from what I typed into my search engine, on a boring rainy day, is that I hate Euromillions. I hate it when I lose too.

  6. Mel D responds:

    Some lucky person has picked up nearly 35 and half million pounds on the Euromillions last night!

    Lucky devil! I wish it was me…


  7. Mel D responds:

    Well, four days in and the booty has NOT been claimed!

    Someone is going to be very shocked when they get back off their hols!

  8. Mel D responds:

    The prize has now been claimed. Lucky so and so. Good luck!

  9. pam responds:

    oh i forgot the person that won good luck to them i hope they enjoy evert last penny oh sorry ido tend to repeat myself,must be my age age age

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