Out Of Power?

On the way to work at eight o’clock this morning, my mobile phone gave a warning ring to let me know it was nearly out of power. It did so again ninety seconds later.

…and continued to issue the same warning trill every ninety seconds for the following eleven hours, until I finally got home at seven p.m. and plugged it in to charge.

Now, is it just me here or does anyone else think if the bloody phone had enough power to ring at me every ninety seconds for eleven hours, it wasn’t short of bastard power in the first place?

…or is that just me?

4 Responses to “Out Of Power?”

  1. Mike responds:

    I think it’s just you Jack.. ;-)

    It doesn’t take much power to beep, but you’ll probably have found if you’d tried to make (or receive) a phonecall you may well have been unceremoniously cut off mid call. Not great if it was an emergency call…
    You should carry one of those emergency phone charger doodads, or usb thingummywhatsit.

  2. Mike Cherim responds:

    I guess I have to agree with Mike. The power needed to beep, even once an hour for eleven hours, is greatly overshadowed by the power consumed while transmitting a signal.

    An “OK” button would be nice to keep the thing from beeping. How annoying that must have been.

  3. JackP responds:

    Bah. I’m being ganged up on by a pile of Mikes…

  4. Collegue Man responds:

    It was not that bad - it gave us something to winge about for a few hours :)

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