A to Z Meme

The A to Z meme, as featured on Very True Things. If you don’t like this sort of nonsense, look away now.

  1. Available: No. Not unless you’re Angelina Jolie, or one of the others on my ‘allowed’ list
  2. Birthday: April
  3. Confused: Probably not
  4. Last Drink You Had: Coke Zero with lots of ice cubes
  5. Easiest Thing To Do: Nothing. It’s always harder to do something than nothing…
  6. Favourite Music/Group/Band: Oh, I dunno. Something loud, but actually who will vary according to mood. Today I’ll plump for New Model Army
  7. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: I’m with Steve Pugh’s “what?” for this one
  8. Hometown: Gateshead
  9. Instruments: Hmm… “blunt”. I’ll go for the piece of lead piping
  10. Juice: Pink Grapefruit, if you’re offering
  11. Killed Someone: … Err… no. Having said that, if I was the guy behind a series of unsolved murders involving a piece of lead piping, I’d hardly own up to it here, would I?
  12. Longest Car Ride: Probably Gateshead to Lewes
  13. Milkshake Flavour: Strawberry
  14. Number of Pets Two
  15. One Wish: More wishes
  16. People you hung out with last: the GLW and elder son at the flicks this afternoon
  17. Quiet or Loud: Loud
  18. Reasons to smile: Ian Dury and the Blockheads. No, wait, that was “Reasons to be Cheerful”…
  19. Surgeries you’ve had: Transformed into a cyberman. Naah, only joking
  20. Time you wake up: About 7am
  21. Underwear: Clean
  22. Violent: No, not at all. If you exclude the lead piping, anyway.
  23. Worst Habit: Franciscan Friar. It’s just not classy at all
  24. X-Rays You’ve Had: Chest, Foot, Teeth
  25. Your Favourite Animal: Cat
  26. Zodiac Sign: Aries

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