Roger’s Top 10s

It appears that Roger Johansson is taking a break from standards and accessibility to spend a little bit of time getting used to being a Daddy. Instead, he’s getting personal and sharing with us some of his top 10 lists.

As usual, if you like this sort of thing, read on…

Music Albums

In no particular order, since the order would probably change from one week to another anyway. Indeed, if you caught me in a different mood, probably half of the albums from this list would have been replaced by others.

I like to think my taste in music is somewhat eclectic, ranging from classical through blues, rock & roll, pop, punk, new romantic to heavy metal, but as you can see my favourites generally tend to be something much more grounded in one of the rock-related genres. You can read Roger’s Top 10 Albums too, if you like.

Music Artists

Well, you can probably get quite a flavour of this from the previous top ten, but in this case there may be one or two differences. I’ve cheated here and included Jello Biafra, because he’s been involved in three bands I very much like (Ministry, Dead Kennedys and Lard) so this was a way of sneaking them all in – plus his spoken word stuff is entertaining too.

Hmm. So I’m really some kind of punk/rock/goth/metalhead then. Sounds about right. Take a look and see how it compares to Roger’s Top 10 Artists or don’t. Suit yourself.


I’m deliberately going to ignore the fact that this says novels and treat this as “my favourite books” so I can include some works which involve short stories and travel writing. Rather alarmingly, I again find that Roger has similar tastes to me when I go and look at Roger’s Top 10 Novels (not all of which are strictly novels, I note…!)

Computer Games, Console Games
…hmm. I’ve got a feeling I’ve done this one before. In fact my earlier post some kind of favourite games meme pretty much covers it. Okay, maybe they aren’t broken down exactly into tens of this and that, but I’ve already listed my favourites, so go and read it there if you’re interested.

For what it’s worth, I sketched out my current all time top 10 on a scrap of paper and compared it to the earlier post. 9 of my current 10 were on the previous list, so I don’t think my tastes have changed sufficiently to warrant doing this one again.

Anyway Roger, that’s my lot. Now it’s your turn to play catch up :-)

2 Responses to “Roger’s Top 10s”

  1. Cole Henley responds:

    You can’t fault a bit of disposable heroes of hiphoprisy!

  2. Roger Johansson responds:

    Ha! I just posted my top ten games :-).

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