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I normally have a few ideas kicking around that I’m working on, which come to fruition and I end up aiming to post once per day. Sometimes, if I have a lot to talk about, I’ll post more than that. Sometimes if I’ve got nothing to say, I’ll post less frequently (about once every six weeks or so I seem to go blank for about 10 days).

But in what’s almost something of a challenge to myself, I’m going to set aside from tradition, and tell you what I’m planning to talk about over the next week. That way you’ll get to spot any deviations from the schedule, and it’s a way of encouraging me to finally write up one or two things that I ought to have got round to by now.

Okay then, the planned publication schedule for the next week is:

  1. (Later tonight) — more thoughts on the public sector web managers’ group
  2. (tomorrow) — ‘Uncle Jack’
  3. (thursday) — Reading the Ripper
  4. (friday) — Resident Wiivil Wiivisited
  5. (saturday) — Last month’s trip to lightwater valley

These are of course subject to change depending on whether or not I get round to writing them in time and/or anything else interesting crops up…

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