Souls or Shutter Speeds

'ghost child' photo (flickr)

If you’ve ever wanted proof of the innate duality of mind and body; that each of us are two intertwined things, body and soul, then you might be interested in this photo of my son, taken at Pizza Hut, by my camera which is obviously psychically aware. As you can see, part of him, his ‘body’ is on the right of the picture, and part of him, his ’soul’ if you like, is on the left of the picture, because his attention is drawn to his mother sat beside him at this point, and his soul is therefore leaning towards her.

Alternatively, it might just be that the shutter speed of the camera wasn’t fast enough in this particular case, so he appears as a smear of movement. It all depends on what you think is more likely: that my souls exist and my camera has developed the ability to photograph them, or that for some reason the shutter speed of my camera — which has never had a problem taking shots where people are moving before — suddenly slowed down in this particular case. I’ll let you guess which one my money’s on…

Either way, I think it’s quite a cool photo, so I thought I’d include it.

One Response to “Souls or Shutter Speeds”

  1. chartroose responds:

    It’s not shutter speed–it’s the astonishing hyperactivity of childhood, which is faster than any camera could ever hope to be!

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