Confessions of a Blogger

I just found that the pseudonymous Reed from the Out of Ideas blog picked up on my booky meme and has posted her thoughts on it. So after a random poke about her site trying to work out who the mysterious ‘S’ is to identify which of my regular commenters (assuming it’s one of them) is Reed’s partner, I came across the Confessions of a Blogger Meme.

So if you’re the mysterious ‘S’, contact me to let me know. Obviously I won’t ask you to publicly say who you are as that would kinda spoil the pseudonymous nature of Reed’s blog. I mean, I know I think I know who you are, but I might be wrong.

And I thought, well, since Reed has done one of my memes, I ought to return the favour. So here’s my ‘Confessions of a Blogger’ meme.

Do you promote your blog?
Yes. I hope not excessively, but when I take part in online fora, I normally have a link to my blog in the signature, and I’ll quite happily refer friends, family and colleagues to pages on my blog if I feel they will be of relevance to them.
How often do you check hits?
Not nearly as often as I used to. I used to check hits at least weekly; now probably only every month or two. And now I’m more likely to check search engine referrals to find unusual search strings (one person found my site this week searching for “pierced nipple blog”, which seems a little odd to say the least)
Do you stick to one topic?
Nope. I’m even willing to veer off-topic within the space of a single post. It’s basically just “whatever I find interesting/annoying at the time”.
Who knows that you have a blog?
Probably most of the people who know me. It’s not that I bang on about it all the time (well, not all the time), but more that in conversation I willl tend to say things like “oh yes, I was writing about that the other week”. Or occassionally “The Goldfish said that…” where I then need to explain that I’m not hearing voices in my head, it’s that The Goldfish is a fellow blogger.
How many blogs do you read?
Lots. How many do I read on at least a weekly basis? Probably around twenty. If you want to add the ones I’ll visit at least once a month, you might get up to forty.
Are you a fast reader?
I’ve already admitted that I read quickly.
Do you customise your blog or do anything technical?
Well I did initially, but I’ve more or less stopped tinkering with it now: it’s more the writing and the content that I’m interested in.
Do you blog anonymously?
Do you censor yourself?
Not in terms of the message that I want to convey, but I do like to respect other people’s privacy: I’ll tend not to mention names of other people on here except where that information is already public — fellow bloggers and the like.
The best thing about blogging?
Can I have two? I’d like to put the fact that I enjoy writing and this gives me an outlet to do what I feel the need to do anyway, and secondly that I enjoy finding new blogs, new people and new ideas: it always feels nice to “meet” someone new, and encountering a new blogger feels the same way. Oh, and I enjoy the debates. Strictly speaking, that’s three things, isn’t it?

Following on from Reed, I’ll not tag anyone else with this either. Take part if you wish to: if you link back to this post I’ll certainly read it, but don’t feel obliged to take part or to link to me if you don’t want to.

One Response to “Confessions of a Blogger”

  1. Marco responds:

    Do you promote your blog?
    Occasionally. I don’t write frequently enough for a major promotion.

    How often do you check hits?
    Almost everyday.

    Do you stick to one topic?
    I usually try to keep it related to the work that I do.

    Who knows that you have a blog?
    Um, you. And a few of the other usual suspects ;)

    How many blogs do you read?
    Many. Thank you Opera for your built-in feed reader.

    Are you a fast reader?
    Depends. If it’s just to glance at the highlights, sure. If I really need to understand something, I take my time.

    Do you customize your blog or do anything technical?
    It’s all lovingly hand coded and matches the look and feel of the rest of my site, if that’s what you mean.

    Do you blog anonymously?

    Do you censor yourself?
    I try not to, but I have to be realistic. There’s one side of me that wants to give my very very honest opinion about things. Then, there’s the other side of me that doesn’t want to be sued. It’s sort of like a Frosted Mini Wheat ;)

    The best thing about blogging?
    Giving my $0.02 CAD :)

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