Chasing The Flush

This is one of those posts that you wonder “is it just me” and “should I keep this one to myself?”.

I probably should.

But I’m wondering, is it just me?

Or do other men ever flush the lavatory part-way through urinating and then see whether they can finish before the flush does? Now be honest…

4 Responses to “Chasing The Flush”

  1. mark fairlamb responds:

    i actually did it yesterday, first time in years

  2. Mike responds:

    Haha I did it this morning! When I was a kid I would spice it up a bit by telling myself that if I didn’t win something catastrophic would happen… like the world would blow up or something. Some days I still wish I was a superhero…

  3. Mike Cherim responds:

    Never. At a urinal I flush when stepping back. If it’s a toilet, I always close the lid before flushing. The reasoning results from a documentary I once saw about the invisible world around us… you, know, showing a person’s sneeze in slow motion with special lighting meant to make all the particles visible. A toilet is the same as a sneeze, but worse, and a bit more gross. When a toilet is flushed it puts into the air a rather large cloud of an extremely fine mist. Think Hiroshima. Yeah, like that, except pissy, germy water. Yuk.

    Lends a whole new meaning to “oops, I mist the can, man” eh?

    I can’t believe I just wrote such a long comment on such a short subject :)

  4. Rob Mason responds:

    This one of those comments when I think should I comment….anyway no I don’t.

    I also never use a urinal…ever…is that weird?

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