The Return of Colleague Man

So there I am, just sat quietly at my desk when I hear…

Oh my God! Aaak! Aaark! Pwwthh! Pwwthh!

…from colleague-man immediately to my left. Obviously people who sit further away from him and/or aren’t quite as used to his escapades are looking round, wondering whether they may need to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre or something.

Me? Oh, I’m just sat there, continuing to work — it’s barely even registered that this is anything out of the ordinary — until he suddenly leaps to his feet and rushes out of the office. This is unusual.

Colleague-Man with inky blue tongue

All is silent for at least five minutes, and then he comes back into the office showing off this:

It appears that either the Bluetongue virus has just jumped the species barrier, or that he’s bitten through his pen and got a mouthful of ink — and don’t forget this is what he looks like after he’s spent five minutes trying to rinse it off.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo of the full “blue teeth and gums” effect, but I’m sure you can imagine…

Hmm. Perhaps next time he’s chewing on a pen he might remember that it’s not advisable to actually bite through it. But then again, knowing him, maybe he won’t

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