Of Illnesses and Imps

Over last weekend, the GLW has been poorly. On Saturday, she was working through the “feeling a little under the weather” stage which basically meant that as long as things were nice and quiet, and nothing too demanding was required, she’d be perfectly all right.

Of course, the slight problem with this plan is that it’s not easy to do “not too demanding” or “nice and quiet” once you’ve factored in a four-year old and a two-year old. We briefly went to the Metro Centre and had lunch, followed by a little potter around the shops (including stopping to get some mini-suitcases with pictures of Power Rangers and the likes on them).

Then we came back home and the GLW went for a lie down, leaving me to keep the kids occupied. This consisted basically of putting on a DVD that they asked for and trying to sit there tuning out the noise as they basically ran around causing havoc. As I’ve mentioned before, my older child BTP is somewhat of a Dr. Who fan, so on the Saturday afternoon we sat and watched the Tom Baker adventure “The Keeper of Traken”.

Then there was getting the kids ready for bed, and time for me finally to relax. Which basically involved watching Barnsley knocking Chelsea out of the cup (one of my colleagues is a Barnsley fan and would presumably have been delighted to know that I had identified Barnsley as “the Goodies” for this particular match) and then watching the One Foot In The Grave Christmas Special “One Foot in the Algarve” as my wife lay on the sofa feeling poorly…

And then today has been much of the same; except poorly wife has moved from the “under the weather and hoping to take it easy” stage to the “not well at all and wanting to stay in bed asleep all day” stage, so I’ve been having fun with the kids again. Well, I say having fun. It is fun, but it’s also hard work trying to keep two kids occupied, making their dinner and trying to prevent them from killing each other or from running upstairs to disturb their Mammy…

We had a nice play in the garden, we had some dinner with strawberry milkshakes, and now after a bit more playing about with cars, Power Rangers, loud whirly guns, and various other loud things, we’ve returned to Dr. Who again. This time to see Peter Davison’s first adventure ‘Castrovalva’.

It’s lovely to spend quality time with my children on a weekend, but what it’s far too easy to forget is how much bloody hard work they can be when there’s only one of you to deal with them! I’ve also learned that despite being a fan of Dr. Who, I’m obviously not as much of a fan as my children are, because there are only so many episodes of Dr. Who I can watch in one weekened without starting to flinch when I hear the theme music…

2 Responses to “Of Illnesses and Imps”

  1. Mike responds:

    there’s a lot of it about…

  2. aka R'acquel responds:

    All the best for GLW’s recovery. My husband & son enjoyed tuning into hired DVDs of the Dr.Who series together. We probably didn’t consume as many espisodes tho, because i wasn’t flinching.

    Might find some amusement from this Dr.Who related song that appeared on the ABC’s Chaser over here in Oz a while back if you haven’t seen it already:

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