Time For The First Lines Meme

…or so says Stephen.

This is the meme where you quote the first sentence from your first post for every month of the last year. Exciting, huh?

What better way to start the year, after taking a well earned break of a week or so, than by clearing out the deluge of spam that has flooded my “this looks like spam to me” comment tray.
This is a joke with all swearing in it.
Well, I don’t think I’d poked about in my spam filters since the start of January, so I thought it was about time to see what sort of entertaining spam comments had been caught in there recently.
I will be changing jobs in May.
Earlier on in the season, I mentioned Gateshead FC: I could get used to this, in reference to the fact that my local non-league club had won their first seven games of the season, and were flying towards promotion from the Unibond Premier League to the Blue Square North.
And then they look at previous guidelines designed for older people.
Imagine an eight-foot venemous scorpion, towering over you and ready to strike!
This is not going to be news for those of you who work in the IT field, because you’re likely to have already heard about this sort of thing, but I was having a discussion the other day about the general public’s apathy as regards politics, and how people are content to live in their little cotton-wool ball lives without ever trying to set out to change the world.
So far, we’ve signed four players.
“Laptops are very hot now, so hot that they are not ‘lap’ tops anymore,” said Avik Ghosh, associate prof at the University of Virginia.
So we’ve got to Brentwood after a long drive (entirely put in by the GLW on the basis of she’s lovely, she’s a more experienced driver than me, and it’s handy if the person in the passenger seat can read a map).
One of the things I am going to be doing, under the auspices of my new job, is getting a little more involved with some of the accessibility goings on.

One Response to “Time For The First Lines Meme”

  1. Steve responds:

    Exciting, huh?

    Come off it, you look forward to this every year.

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