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Selling My Soul For The Corporate Shilling?

Posted by: JackP on September 14th, 2007

You may have noticed that I’m experimenting with the introduction of some GoogleAds on my site.
I haven’t in the past been a great fan of the idea of having advertising on my site, on the basis that I don’t really have any control over it, and I do this site because I enjoy doing it, […]

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Believing In Belief

Posted by: JackP on September 14th, 2007

I came across a post today on the Goldfish’s site called Believing in Belief, where she talks about the Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion and her own ideas on faith.
I just had to post something in response to that for two reasons — firstly because her stance seemed remarkably similar to mine, and secondly […]

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Teaser Post

Posted by: JackP on September 11th, 2007

I normally have a few ideas kicking around that I’m working on, which come to fruition and I end up aiming to post once per day. Sometimes, if I have a lot to talk about, I’ll post more than that. Sometimes if I’ve got nothing to say, I’ll post less frequently (about once every six […]

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Quechup: stay clear of Anti-Social Networking

Posted by: JackP on September 9th, 2007

You’ve all heard of social networking sites, stuff like MySpace, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and all that ilk. But what you may not have been aware is that there is now an anti-social networking site too, called Quechup.
Of course, it’s billed like a standard social networking site — the strap line is: — Meet People, Make […]

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A Reading Roundup

Posted by: JackP on September 6th, 2007

I thought I’d do something that I don’t do very often and talk specifically about other blogs I’ve been reading.
Well, I’ve been enjoying hearing about Bruce Lawson’s Holiday In Cambodia (& Thailand), as well as the fact that he threw in a Dead Kennedys reference. Nice one, Bruce. I did wonder idly whether he’d appeared […]

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But I want to be Stephen Fry’s mate too…

Posted by: JackP on September 5th, 2007

I watched something on television about Stephen Fry the other weekend. Apparently it was his 50th birthday, which came as a bit of a surprise because while I might possibly have guessed that he was in his forties, he certainly doesn’t look 50 to me. But it says he’s fifty on the official Stephen Fry […]

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Holler Back Boy

Posted by: JackP on September 4th, 2007

Someone used my contact form on my site on the 9th of August to manually send me a note which read:
I’m a digital marketing manager at Holler.

Here at Holler we recognise The Pickards as a great informative online resource for all things Sci- Fi. As we are working a huge amount of movie and cinematic […]

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Abusive Messages and Commenting Policy

Posted by: JackP on August 23rd, 2007

I just thought I’d write a few thoughts about some of the abusive messages I’ve been receiving on my site recently, let you know what was behind them, how I feel about them, and what my thoughts are regarding different sorts of comments on my site.
…If I was you I would climb down off your […]

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Call for a WCAG Blog

Posted by: JackP on July 21st, 2007

I was a little surprised, and more than a little interested to haphazardly discover through pretty much random browsing that the CSS working group have a blog. I had a bit of a read through it, and discovered some really neat ideas in the pipeline, including contour-based floats.
Now that’s neat. Really neat.
The CSS working group […]

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5 Blogs That Make Me Think

Posted by: JackP on June 14th, 2007

After I was meme-tagged by Roger Johansson, I thought I should maybe list five blogs that make me think. Roger asked the people on the list not to feel obliged to continue the meme, because of how some people feel about memes.
Okay then Roger. I don’t feel obliged to, but I will anyway as I […]

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