Letters to the Editor

…here are the things which, if I was the sort of person who wrote letters to my local newspaper, would have had me picking up my pen and paper.

  • the stupid, pointless things that people write into their local paper about
  • the fact that once you’ve got more than three teenagers together (unless they are goths), even if they are wandering around minding their own business, my head immediately classifies them as ‘a gang’
  • people who get upset at goths/alternatives hanging around Grey’s Monument in Newcastle, simply because they dress differently despite the fact they aren’t doing anyone any harm
  • the idiot behind me who honked his horn when the lights changed to green, despite the fact that the road in front of me was being used by emergency services vehicles using my side of the road, zooming along with lights flashing and sirens blaring
  • People who insist on talking, loudly, on their mobile phones for virtually all of a three hour train journey

8 Responses to “Letters to the Editor”

  1. Shannon responds:

    I would add…
    -People who think that tapping and drumming loudly on their desks during classes doesn’t bother anyone.
    -Idiots who think that shaking their legs convulsively on a shared bench will not be felt by anyone else on that said bench, even if their entire body is visibly shaking from it.
    -Drivers who tailgate you and honk for slowing down for a red light.
    -Drivers who get mad at you for getting mad at them for cutting you off.
    -Basically, drivers in general.
    -Oh, and most people with their mobile phones, particularly those who think they’re not annoying anyone when they’re sitting next to people trying to study in a library.

  2. mark fairlamb responds:

    one word - indicators

  3. Holly responds:

    Can I add parents who let their children kick the back of your chair on the bus/at the cinema, etc?
    Oh, and people who play a three second burst of each and every one of the mp3s, loudly, on their mobiles throughout a bus journey?

  4. Rob Mason responds:

    …and relax…breath through it Jack :)

    One to add: why is that that they have all week to do their shopping and chores, yet OAPs find the need to clog up the high street at the weekend when everyone else is also there?:

  5. Aaron Bassett responds:

    @Shannon: Ever think that person beside you on the bench might be suffering from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)? They might have very little choice or knowledge of what they are doing. I don’t know if I actually have RLS, but I tend to shake my legs constantly (its actually painful when I stop) and I do it without conscience thought. But if you draw my attention to it I will politely apologize and make a concentrated effort to stop (though a lapse in concentration may lead to me starting again without knowing)

    ….and just cause my leg(s) shake I don’t think that makes me an idiot :)

  6. Shannon responds:

    @Aaron: Nope, never thought about it, but now I will. Sorry if I caused any offense.

    One of my friends just posted a “things that piss me off” list on her blog, and I fit in at least 3-4 of the categories, so one thing I realize is that we’re all annoyed and annoying, even if it’s unintentional. Apologies if I was the latter… again.

  7. Collegue Man responds:

    Why concessionarries (sp) who despite getting into my local council gym all day for free, since the off peak only was ended in the name of equality, now all decide to go at 6 just when everyone who gets out of work goes, meaning that the facility now is empty through the day and a bear bait from 6-9.

  8. Andy Mabbett responds:

    Jack: You are Victor Meldrew AICMFP.

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