Social Media

The introduction of the ‘social web’ is one of the key changes to the way the internet is now used. Previously the internet was very much seen as a bulletin board medium where you would promote your services using simple read-only content.

Increasingly, there is a need to reach out and engage with people in different ways, whether this is a case of promoting your brand or reaching out to engage with local residents, if you join in on the social networks they are already using, this may help you to reach more people than before.

If you are considering branching out into social media — whether bashing out a blog, a foray into Facebook, talking on Twitter or whatever it happens to be, we can help advise on what you should and should not be doing; what channels are the most appropriate for your organisation to use, how to get started, and equally importantly how to interact with people once you’re connected.

If you require any support or consultancy in this area, please contact us to discuss your requirements.