Site Audits

We have considerable experience in carrying out comprehensive site audits and assessments, in particular in relation to accessibility: Jack Pickard is one of the moderators of the AccessifyForum accessibility resource and is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers.

We can:

  • Work with you to identify how well your existing site meets the needs of your intended audience and recommend improvements
  • Examine the quality of the HTML and CSS used to construct your site, and identify where improvements can be made to these areas: more appropriate use of the correct HTML constructs can result in improved SEO
  • Carry out an accessibility audit, comprehensively assessing your site against the requirements of WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0, Section 508, or ‘real-world’ practical accessibility issues to help you understand how well the needs of disabled visitors are met, and what can be done to improve this
  • Carry out testing of key site functions — from site navigation to search; contact forms to your content — and identify areas for improvement, and compare these to examples of best practice from across the web, and from your competitors’ sites, if these can be identified
  • If site statistics can be made available, we can examine these to model the behaviour of your users and what can be done to improve the efficiency of your site

This information will be made available in a comprehensive report as standard, although a presentation of the recommendations and/or follow-up training can be arranged if required.