What I’ve learned about the Paul/Heather divorce is some useful information that I’m going to take away with me and store for future reference.

If, at any point, you see a link that is going to take you a “full legal judgement” of anything, don’t follow it. Only boredom can come from it.

Of course, given that I didn’t really care about the divorce in the first place, and followed the link purely on the basis of “ooh, I’ve never read a full legal judgement before”, I really ought to have known better. After 58 pages of legalese, I find I’ve learned very little about the McCartney divorce that wasn’t contained in the summary news item, even less than that in terms of items of actual interest, although I have got used to some of Mr. Justice Bennett’s particular turns of phrase.

It’s like what Scott Adams had to say:

Everything I Learned From Economics Classes

  • Something about supply and demand
  • Boredom can’t kill you, but you might wish it could

Scott Adams in the ‘The Joy Of Work’

Substitute ‘Full Legal Judgement’ for ‘Economics Classes’ and ‘Bewildering Reams Of Financial Information’ for ’supply and demand’, and you’re about there. Although I’d like also to wish both Paul and Heather a happy future apart, if that doesn’t sound too weird…

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