So Long…

Well. Today was my last day at work with my old employers.

It was a bit odd today, as at least half the department weren’t in today anyway, but it’s been a weird sort of week anyway. After all, you don’t work somewhere for nine and a half years without developing some attachments.

And you don’t necessarily want to — or expect to — sever all of those attachments.

Particularly since that’s where I met my wife, for example…

But I have made a lot of friends there. I know a few of them read this site regularly, so I thought I’d use this opportunity to thank them for being valued colleagues over the years, and tell them that they aren’t going to get rid of me that easily anyway, as I’ll still be turning up to nights out — assuming that they don’t manage to keep the details a closely guarded secret!

They are a good bunch of people. Not perfect — but frankly apart from me, not many people are — but a good bunch nonetheless. I count a significant number of them as friends rather than colleagues (particularly since they aren’t colleagues anymore). But I’ve enjoyed working with them, and would like to wish them the best of luck too.

I’d also like to thank them for my leaving gifts, which were much appreciated — I’ll start drinking some of ‘em soon!

So thanks. And as I’m not really one for goodbyes, plus I’m planning on turning up like the proverbial bad penny on a variety of official and unofficial nights out, I’ll instead leave it with Del Boy, who can say it best…

No, not goodbye Margaret, just … bonjourDerek Trotter in Only Fools And Horses Series 3: Homesick

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