Up For The Cup

Inter Departmental 5 a side trophy

I just thought I’d share with you some tales of my sporting prowess. Remember me mentioning the inter-departmental five a side team?

Well, just look at the trophy I got presented with!

I was presented with this trophy for “services to goalkeeping”, and also picked up another medal. Not bad, eh?

The exact award reads — and I know it’s difficult to see with the light reflecting off it:

Services to Goalkeeping
Girls Allowed
Council 5aS League Spring 2008Trophy

Of course, if I was going to be completely honest about it, I’d have to point out that the image (particularly when viewed on flickr) is larger than the actual trophy, which is about three inches high and made out of gold-coloured plastic.

I’d also have to point out that my colleage, who was acting as team manager for the “Girls Allowed” 5-a-side team (so called because … well, we had a girl on our team), arranged a team ‘awards’ session where there were 5 awards to be issued to be voted on by the team members … so it was only amongst the ten or so people who had turned out for us, only two of which had played in goal.

And technically, I’d have to point out that every team member received a medal. And that the team itself didn’t exactly set the league alight, conceding 100 goals in our 12 games, and only winning three of them (and two of those were walkovers because the opposition failed to field a team).

So perhaps I shouldn’t be completely honest about it, and instead allow you to continue thinking that I’ve won some ginormous cup for being in the Petr ÄŒech league of goalkeeping. Yes, on reflection, I think that’s the best policy….

One Response to “Up For The Cup”

  1. Mike responds:

    very nice.
    Although I’m guessing you could have foregone the ‘Girls allowed’ in exchange for the full “five a side”.

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