The Pickards to remake Rentaghost

For those of you unlucky enough to have missed Rentaghost, it was a kids TV programme. Basically, the concept was that Mr and Mrs Meaker had a company where they offered ghosts for hire. Hence ‘Rentaghost’.

There was Timothy Claypole, a mediƦval court jester; Nadia Popov, a dutch ghost with hayfever who teleports when she sneezes; Hazel McWitch, a scottish witch (in case you couldn’t guess); there’s Dobbin, the pantomime horse, and of course, a dragon that lives in the cellar.

What more could a kids TV program possibly need?

And then I have discovered that the rights to Rentaghost — and indeed Worzel Gummidge — have been bought by the TV company behind the Channel 4 program Wife Swap, with the intention of remaking them.

Which is where a Pickard comes into play…

Nigel Pickard, from RDF, said: “We feel there is real potential for these classic brands to be reworked for a modern day audience.”BBC News

…no relation (at least so far as I am aware), but it’s sufficient to warrant the potentially misleading title of this post, so that’ll do me..

3 Responses to “The Pickards to remake Rentaghost”

  1. Holly responds:

    Why don’t they just leave things alone? It’s arrogant to presume that you can remake a classic! As you can guess, Rentaghost was one of my childhood favourites, and I think they should repeat them, rather than re-jig them.

  2. Holly responds:

    PS Don’t go into the cellar.

  3. Steve responds:

    Ah, you’re remembering the later, more moderne Rentaghost. I preferred the earlier series when there were three ghosts - a guy who had drowned who was kind of the main character (a running joke was that his parents didn’t know he was dead so he had to keep refusing his mum’s tea and cake), a Victorian gent with a top hat and the jester guy. The first two left and it all centred around the jester guy and they brought new people in like the witch. In my opinion it got far too soppy.

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