Souness, for the love of God, go.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 22:31 | Filed in Newcastle United

In recent weeks I have watched as our manager insists publicly that he can’t be expected to do better when certain players are not fit. This argument held no water with me then — man for man we had a better team than Wigan Reserves in the League Cup or Blackburn at home in the Premiership. Yet we lost both. Why?

Simple. A lack of organisation. No plan. A lack of spirit. The fact that the heart’s been ripped out of the club by the simple fact that the fans are becoming apathetic because they’ve got nothing to cheer about. I’m not complaining Laurent Robert and Craig Bellamy were shown the door: I understand the reasons behind this (whether or not I agree), but the simple lack of anything resembling passing, skill or organisation on the pitch is far beyond a joke.

Never mind a plan B, I can’t remember when we’ve looked like we had a plan A.

I can’t seriously imagine Graeme Souness will still be in employment at Newcastle by tomorrow lunchtime. Whether or not he does, Shepherd must still carry the can. He picked him and he backed him at a time when most fans could see what he was doing to the team. He has continued to avoid sacking him for reasons best known to himself.

Souness himself can’t escape criticism. Not only has he transformed “the best team he’s ever had” — a team which had finished in the top 5 three seasons in a row — into relegation battlers, but he’s too pig-headed (or greedy) to do the decent thing, admit he’s not up to it, and walk away. That saddens me. Despite my dislike of Souness the manager, I had always had a certain amount of respect for Souness the man, and the apparent greed motive that is preventing him from doing the decent thing (which even Gullit did) just spoils that.

The cynical part of me wonders whether the decision has been delayed so long simply to avoid needing to hand a new manager money in the transfer window to try to transform the shambles currently left behind. Cynical? Maybe… but I bet I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Shepherd needs to ensure that the right man is employed. Someone capable of man-management. Someone capable of getting the best out of players. Someone adept at spotting good players available cheaply. As opposed to Souness’ tactic of spotting donkeys available for a smidgen under £10 million. The right man also needs to be backed in the transfer market — it’s wouldn’t be the new guy’s fault Souness was allowed to waste so much money in the transfer market.

In fact, let’s think about this. Souness has identified his targets, and Shepherd has tried to sign them. So the amounts of money paid out must surely be because Shepherd thought the players were good enough. So not only has he chosen and perpetuated the employment a manager who has trashed the team, he’s the one who’s wasted the club’s money. Thank you very much Mr Shepherd. Thank you very much.

If the right man is not found and backed, then I suspect even fewer fans would be willing to forgive Shepherd next time, and “Shepherd” will quickly replace Souness next to the word “Out”.

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