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as I’ve just been informed by someone from the “astral mission” that:

We are in The Apocalypse, The Apocalypse has begun.
Third World War will beguine possible in 06.06.2007

Hmm. So far as I am aware, there is no particular reason to believe the world will end on the 6th of June. It will be the end of the football season, though.

As I’ve removed that comment from my site owing to the fact I didn’t think it was particularly well related to my jokey post describing Neil Warnock as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, I thought in the interests of fairness I’d go have a look at the Astral Mission’s site and tell you about it so you can make your own minds up.

Firstly, here’s some of their objectives:

Founding of national religion, based on Romanian spiritual values and genealogical ancestors (moldoveni, daci, geti, sciti and traci), extended to the spiritual values specific of White Race, and spiritual values of the all Humanity.

Hmm. I had intended not to provide my opinion but to let my readers judge for themselves, but I must admit to finding this “White Race” thing a little unsettling. Sure, I’m “White British” in terms of ethnic group, but in terms of surveys I’m more commonly “Mind your own bloody business”. Why should colour matter?

Still, it’s a Romanian group, writing in English so maybe I should put this down to a poor translation and give them the benefit of the doubt on this one…

Next, they tell us about the structure of existence:

There are 6 types of animator, grouped in two categories gravitational, dark and luminous.

Luminous are:

  • Gorilians they came from body’s of gorillas, are dominant luminous, they are altruists, and interest for the good of the community
  • Fish based on body’s of dolphins, are predominant luminous.
  • Vulture based on body’s of vulture. Are accentuated luminous.

Oh, okay then. Any chance you could give me some reason as to why I should believe this particular theory without supporting evidence, as opposed to any other contrary theory without supporting evidence, such as the idea that the basic animator types are instead “Sauron” and “Saruman”, with the various types being named “Frodo”, “Sam”, “Merry”, “Pippin”, “Bilbo” and “Bullroarer Took”? I don’t begrudge you your right to believe whatever you like, but I’m going to take a bit more convincing…

Besides which, dolphins aren’t fish.

What’s been going on in the Astral calendar, then?

The astral calendar starts in 20 December because between the era of fire and air in a period of ten years, the Romania Revolution has been the most significant event that happened.

Erm… unless I’m missing something, the Romanian Revolution was in 1989, with the fall of CeauÅŸescu, eighteen years ago. Again, maybe it’s a lost in translation thing, and I should be looking back twenty years, but there’s been an awful lot of history in that time: the Berlin Wall came down; we’ve had two Gulf Wars, there was that fairly major event involving the Twin Towers, Cork City was the European Capital of Culture (in 2005) and of course the BBC re-commissioned Dr. Who. The final one has probably had the greatest impact on my life, but even I wouldn’t say it was the most significant.

What’s so special about the Romanian Revolution that sets it apart from other things? What global impact has it had?

Oh, I tell you what, forget about my querying, let’s just look at the end of the world stuff, okay?

The Apocalypse will happened in 19 December 2007, be for this the the Third World War will beguine possible in 06.06.2007

Ah, right. Well, I’ll tell you what, assuming the third world war begins within a week of the 6th of June, and that the world ends between the start of November 2007 and the end of January 2008, then I’ll hold my (presumably by then ‘astral’) hands up and admit you were right. I’ll even post about it, if the new world that you’re suggesting will be created has my site still in it. But until then — and after then too, if it turns out you were wrong — I’d appreciate it if you didn’t post any more spam on my site. Okay?

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  1. mark fairlamb says:

    April 30th, 2007 at 8:13 am

    i think we’ve slept through about 4 or 5 ends of the world up to now.

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    August 31st, 2011 at 4:41 am


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